I want you to have the perfect invitations and the most beautiful day of stationery for your special day. This Design Guide was created to provide you with the various options and ideas for customising your stationery.

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Coloured Card Stocks

We know that a luxurious, quality paper is one of the essential elements of providing you with personalised stationery...
this is why we keep on top of the latest paper trends and offer a variety of premium stocks for you to choose from. 

Colours marked as premium have a higher price point.

Black or colour digital printing on all lighter colours.
White ink printing on darker colours.

Please note, colours may appear differently on screen than in person.

Premium coloured cardstock options



We also offer various smooth and textured premium soft white stocks for clients who are not interested in incorporating solid coloured cardstock. Perfect for floral and watercolour designs.

Smooth 325gsm
Eggshell 325gsm (very lightly textured)
Felt 300gsm (textured)



Many of our designs incorporate photos - Baptism invitations, Thank You cards and Birth Announcement cards. When printing with photos, we use a premium 350gsm silk cardstock as this provides the highest quality ink saturation. Our silk stock is neither a gloss nor a matt - somewhere in-between!


Our 'Buffalo' kraft cardstock is real and rustic!

Unbleached natural brown in colour, FDA Certified and Carbon neutral. We can print on Kraft card in either Black or White ink.
All kraft printing is single sided only as the back of this stock is extremely toothy. 



This is an opaque paper with a maximum weight of 200gsm. We recommend translucent stock for digital and white ink printing of wraps and belly bands, or for layering over a thicker coloured card ie. wedding menu.


Premium Envelopes

Many of our invitations, and all our Baptism invitations and Announcement Cards, include complimentary smooth white envelopes. However, we all know a gorgeous coloured envelope can lift the design of your invitations to a completely new level!

The cost of premium coloured envelopes varies so unfortunately it's not a simple click and order process!
Please use the below pricing as a guide only and email me to order! 

Invitation Envelope: 148x210mm (C5) - $1.10 to $1.60 ea
Invitation Envelope: 120x180mm - $0.90 to $1.30 ea
RSVP Envelope: 105x148mm (C6) - $0.70 to $0.90 ea


Elevate your stationery suite with professionally designed and printed envelopes - convenience plus! All envelope designs are custom designed to match your gorgeous stationery. 

** White ink is only available for medium and dark envelope colours. Some envelopes come in iFlap style and some in Euro style flap. We do not hold large amounts of coloured envelopes in our studio, as colour trends change often. Please allow a week for me to order them in for you. If you need help choosing the best colour to suit your design, please get in touch.

** Envelope colours are subject to availability.  

Click here for more information on envelope addressing and printing.


Be unique - be you! I am excited to offer a range of die cut shaped stationery which can add that perfect touch to your invitations, your menus, place cards and other day of stationery. Our die cut cards are available in various sizes. If you can't find your design in the shape you desire, please just get in touch!

Die cut wedding invitation shapes


Please CONTACT US if you have any questions on paper colours, envelope colours, paper stocks and die cut cards! 



 invitation sample pack